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sims 3 help...please! [24 Sep 2009|06:15am]

[ mood | frustrated ]

x-posted at simsfreaks

ok, so i know this community basically seems dead, but i'm hoping someone sees this & responds since nobody on any of the site forums seems to be willing to explain this----

so, i got sims 3 the other day & found 3 diff sites with an alleged censor patch blur remover (it's just been so long since seeing that blur in either 1 or 2 that i forgot how HUGE & annoying it is, not too mention how hard it makes it to tell whose cell is ringing without movin the camera all over the house)--so the problem here is this: i can't get any of the 3 to work, period...the only install directions any of these 3 sites have is "replace the file in C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin" but NONE of them say WHAT file to replace....um? how is this directions? will someone here PLEASE tell me how to get the blur outta sims 3, pretty pretty please?


Check out Sims2Wytch! [13 Jan 2007|09:00pm]


Sims2Wytch ADS [29 May 2006|06:13am]

[ mood | artistic ]

Hey Guys, 

I've made 2 new banners for my site please feel free to use them. Here they are:)

The ones on my site under ADS don't have the LJ border around them. cheers;)

Wytchwhisper @ Sims2Wytch


Sims2WytchArchives! [27 Oct 2005|06:24am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I know that yahoo has a cap which they put on group traffic so to make your and my lives easier I have come up with an Archive for all my Groups.
Consider this a mirror site to my groups. As I create I will put my new stuff in the groups and any older files will be available in the archive only. There will be times with the archive that you may not be able to download content therefore I recommend you still consider the "groups" as your primary destination. I am in the process of building a site but I'll be frank it may take a while. so in the meantime you have the groups and the archive hope this helps.

Introducing Myself [22 Oct 2005|02:21am]

[ mood | artistic ]


Just thought I'd touch base with everyone. Thanks for being such a great group, really informative:) Here is what I create if anyone is interested:



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