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For sims help, objects and more without anal community moderators :)

Seriously.. don't be afraid to post, or ask for things!

Adult Sims
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All Members , Moderated

Ever play the game, The sims but... it got boring because some 'things' just weren't realistic? Well... here this community is for people who love playing the sims but want to add some realistic ... points to the game.

There may be sharing of photos, logins, files that people paid for and the like being shared here, so the posting of that is the responsibility of the sole provider of it and livejournal and affiliates cannot be held accountable. If you have any problems with the above and below... don't join.

Here you can...
  • Fileshare, here we encourage sharing of all your sims files no matter what, because not everyone has money to buy everything
  • Get downloads and help on installing things for your sims to be kinky more realistically
  • Ask for help or get help on problems you're having with your game
  • Have fun, because too many communities are full of jerk moderators!

  • What I do ask of you though...
  • Be 18 or older... or at least say you are in your LIVEJOURNAL profile, because there is adult content.. and you know.. just for the sake of you and this community. :>
  • Read the FAQs/HELP before posting
  • Contribute to the community somehow.. that's how it keeps going
  • Have fun!!