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sims 3 help...please!

x-posted at simsfreaks

ok, so i know this community basically seems dead, but i'm hoping someone sees this & responds since nobody on any of the site forums seems to be willing to explain this----

so, i got sims 3 the other day & found 3 diff sites with an alleged censor patch blur remover (it's just been so long since seeing that blur in either 1 or 2 that i forgot how HUGE & annoying it is, not too mention how hard it makes it to tell whose cell is ringing without movin the camera all over the house)--so the problem here is this: i can't get any of the 3 to work, period...the only install directions any of these 3 sites have is "replace the file in C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin" but NONE of them say WHAT file to replace....um? how is this directions? will someone here PLEASE tell me how to get the blur outta sims 3, pretty pretty please?
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